What do I do anyway?

I am Andy. This is my site. I would love to help you find your audience, please your sales team, whatever. The work was created with the help of many talented people. In all cases – I was not actually the designer or the photographer. but I was involved in it’s inception and direction along the way.

Most of my workends up here. But it's OK.

I step in and all stages of the marketing process. Sometimes I help form a brief or create a presentation to sell a new property. It is not always about the final product. It’s about results. I craft copy and visual direction around your brief.

I can help your brand.

I'm a great listener, and an even better storyteller.

Wouldn't trade it.

I help TV brands focus their trade messaging. One upfront at a time. One party at a time.

Many networks, many campaigns.

Nickelodeon, Bravo, AMC, truTV, Food tv and more. I have worked with many of my favorite networks.

Copy that. Works.

I can craft copy that speaks to your audience and makes sense for trade and consumer.

I collaborate.

I step in to help your agencies apply the voice and feel of your brand to your marketing. Arsonal, BPG, The Syndicate, Buster Ink, Stun, Event resources. I have worked along side them for most of TV marketing career.

I have a good eye.

Actually two good eyes. I creative direct campaigns from brief to out of home postings.

These are projects and campaigns I have art/creative directed (client side), with help of course.

My employers and collaborators.

Send me a message and let mew know how I can help.

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